SUCCESS! Plaque Installed, Remond Remembered. Thanks and Gratitude To All Who Helped.

Dear friends, we need your help:

If you continue to enjoy this website, you share our conviction that the world should cherish a woman such as Sarah Parker Remond. Internationally famous for so many decades, she lies anonymous in death at the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome, Italy.

In recent years the Cemetery, an Italian National Historic Site, has been granted permission to install just ten memorial plaques on the Cemetery walls. Although we do not yet have the necessary funds to create and install a plaque, a fine location is reserved for our memorial to Sarah Parker Remond.

[Click on “Sarah Parker Remond: A Daughter of Salem…” or the large panoramic photo above, and scroll to bottom to browse through posts about her life here and abroad]

A total of $10,000 would fund the project, complete with a celebratory unveiling to which all donors will of course be invited, as well as a program in Salem to mark the occasion.

Momentum matters; we hope to complete the project within a year. So please consider donating whatever you can, and be sure to spread the word to others who might like to participate.

All who donate will have their names inscribed in a leather bound volume which will include historical essays on Remond’s life and legacy. One copy will reside in the Roman Cemetery Archives, another in Salem, Massachusetts.

Easy Click PayPal donation

…or if you prefer,

a check payable to:

Remond Plaque Fund, c/o Francis T. Mayo 

265 Essex Street, Suite 301

Salem, MA 01970. 

We thank you, and look forward to the joyful unveiling of Sarah Parker Remond’s plaque — a moment when we will all make history together!

—– Marilyn Richardson and Francis Mayo for The Remond Plaque Fund

Mid-19th-century stereopticon slide of a scene in the Non-Catholic Cemetery.


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